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Knee Cushion


The Knee Cushion is suitable for a variety of uses. It is mainly designed to go between the legs when someone is on their side in bed. It can also be used as a side support for a smaller person sitting in a wide chair.

Try placing the Knee Cushion at different places on the leg to prevent the knees from touching. It could be placed above the knees, over a knee or below the knees.

There are convolutions cut into the foam all the way round. This makes it soft against the legs and helps to reduce or remove the pressure of one knee on the other. The convolutions also help allow blood to flow in the legs and help keep the area cool. The long flap at one end of the Heat Sealed version will expand when there is pressure on the cushion. This allows the air within the foam to move.

An alternative use for this item is next to someone when they are seated in a chair, to provide side support to people who may lean to one side. As the ends are convoluted the person may be able to rest their arm on the top.

To Use

Place the Cushion between the knees or legs, wherever comfortable. Ensure the long flap (on the Heat Sealed version) is not trapped between the knees against the skin. If the foot of the upper leg is not resting on the mattress, place a pillow under the leg so it is not suspended in the air.

It is very important to check skin integrity for any signs of pressure or shearing on both legs. If there is any indication of pressure then try the Knee Cushion at a different position on the legs. When using in a chair next to the person, ensure the long flap (on the Heat Sealed version) is away from their body.

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Sewn, Heat Sealed

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Knee Cushion
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