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Heel Holder

The Heel Holder serves the purpose of elevating the foot from the bed, offering enhanced convenience during tasks such as changing foot dressings. Its design eliminates the need for a second nurse to assist in holding the foot.

Primarily intended for the prevention of pressure sores, it’s important to note that the suitability of the product may be influenced by the patient’s evolving condition. Regular monitoring is essential, and in cases of patient deterioration, alternative products may be recommended for optimal care.


This product is crafted from a medium-density foam, striking a balance between strength to support weight and softness to mitigate potential pressure care issues.

For added comfort, if necessary, consider placing some soft padding under the ankle to alleviate pressure in that area. The product comes with a cover made of a soft material secured with Hook & Loop Tape.

Maintaining hygiene is facilitated by the washability of the product up to 80°C (176°F). For drying, air-drying or using a cool tumble setting with a cool drum is recommended. Ensure the product is thoroughly dry before use or storage.


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Heel Holder