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Wheelchair Abductor Cushion

Wheelchair Abductor. Cushion Leg abductor cushion for sitting position. Perfect for chairs and wheelchairs.

Our Wheelchair Abductor Cushion has two soft and adjustable straps that attach mid-thigh after the patient is seated. The inner foam is soft, supportive, and pressure care friendly. It is made with a wipeable outer fabric that is easily sanitised, making it perfect for wheelchairs.

It is perfect for different seating positions, taking the pressure off your legs to free up your blood flow, reducing varicose veins, swelling, and cramping. A soft layer of neoprene foam inside adds comfort to help keep you relaxed. Use it as a replacement for seat cushions, or use it as an add-on.

The Wheelchair Abductor is a comfortable and secure leg cushion that is perfect for sitting in wheelchairs and can be used to promote hip alignment. If you are recovering from surgery or an injury and need leg support or hip alignment, the Wheelchair Abductor Cushion will do the job. One size fits all, no matter what your medical condition may be.

  • Two soft and adjustable straps attach mid-thigh after the patient is seated.
  • Soft and pressure care-friendly inner foam
  • Support blood flow
  • Comfortable and convenient

ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: Our adjustable straps help you get the perfect fit for your leg abductor cushion, so you can sit more comfortably in your chair or wheelchair.

PRESSURE CARE- FRIENDLY: This cushion is designed to relieve pressure points and increase circulation in your legs while giving you extra padding for sitting.

EASY MAINTENANCE: Soft layer of neoprene that is easily sanitized.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: These cushions are designed to fit most standard chairs and wheelchairs. They can be used in various ways: as a leg wedge, seat cushion, or thigh support.



Width 20-10cm
Length 25
Height 14.5cm
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Wheelchair Abductor Cushion