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Oak Portable Bed Table with Cup Holder

a purposeful and adaptive solution crafted to enhance the daily experience of bedridden individuals. Meticulously designed, this portable table seamlessly combines the warmth of oak with practical features, providing both durability and functionality.










  • DURABLE DESIGN: Our floor table boasts a robust construction, combining resilient particleboard with sleek metal. This enduring design ensures it can effortlessly withstand daily use, making it a steadfast and enduring addition to your home.SPACE-EFFICIENT: Featuring a low-profile design, our floor table maximizes available space, making it ideal for small apartments, dorm rooms, or cozy nooks where floor space is a premium. Its compact design offers a stylish solution without compromising precious room space.

    MINI DRAWER ORGANIZATION: Perfect for tidying up your space, the floor table includes a convenient mini drawer for storing small items like magazines or stationery. This addition promotes a neat and organized environment.

    VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY: The floor table is a true multitasker, adapting to your needs effortlessly. Utilize it as a coffee table, a laptop desk, a study space, or even as a decorative accent piece in your home. Its versatility knows no bounds, catering to various functionalities and styles.


  • Colour: Oak
  • Product size: 70x48cm
  • Height: 30-40cm
  • Weight: 3.5kg
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Oak Portable Bed Table with Cup Holder