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Fully Adjustable Electric Single Bed With 5 Settings for Home Care and Hospital

The Fully Adjustable Electric Single Bed with 5 Settings is designed for optimal comfort and versatility, making it perfect for both home care and hospital use. It features adjustable backrest and knee positions, integrated height adjustability, and tuck-away side rails for safety.





The Fully Adjustable Electric Single Bed With 5 Settings has advanced electric controls, including a touchscreen remote and one-touch flattening, this bed ensures ease of use. Durable ABS construction, removable head and foot boards, and slots for IV holders enhance its functionality. Equipped with a powerful lift system and multiple tilt settings, it provides comprehensive support for various patient needs.


  • Adjustable Backrest: Move up and down for optimal comfort.
  • Adjustable Knee Position: Elevate and lower knees with ease.
  • Height Adjustability: Integrated system for varying bed heights.
  • Tuck-Away Side Rails: Hospital bedrails designed to tuck away when not in use.
  • Simultaneous Back and Knee Adjustment: Adjust both positions together for convenience.
  • Automatic Flat Position: One-button push to return the bed to a flat position.
  • Removable Head and Foot Boards: Locking system ensures safety during transport.
  • IV Holder Slots: Positioned at all four corners of the frame.
  • ABS Injection Moulding: Durable head and tail sections.
  • Advanced Touchscreen Remote Control: Easy operation with a touch screen.
  • Separate ABS Guardrails: Anti-pinch design for added safety.
  • One-Touch Flattening: Return the bed to its initial state with a single button.
  • ABS Dust Cover: Protects the chassis from dust.
  • Four Braking Controls: Equipped with 125mm wheels and brake control.
  • Electric Adjustment Functions: Backrest, legs, lifting, and tilting functions.
  • Backrest Tilt: 0-70 degrees.
  • Leg Tilt: 0-35 degrees.
  • Height Lift: 0-400mm.
  • Tilt Lift: 0-12 degrees.



  • Height Adjustable: From floor to base of the bed: 48cm-86cm
  • Dimensions: 200cm long, 92cm wide, and 45.5cm high from floor to base
  • Safe Weight Capacity: 225kg
  • Internal Width: 90cm
  • Internal Length: 190cm
  • Overall Size: 100cm x 213cm
  • Mattress: Included

The Fully Adjustable Electric Single Bed includes the Hospital Bed Mattress With 4 Sections And Waterproof Cover.

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 211 × 103 × 49 cm
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Fully Adjustable Electric Single BedFully Adjustable Electric Single Bed With 5 Settings for Home Care and Hospital