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X500 Pro Robot Vacuum

X500 Pro robot vacuum is the ultimate cleaning machine for any student or small space. Neurotic about cleaning? The Tesvor X500 Pro will do it for you!

It can sweep, mop, and vacuum all in one. You’ll save the time which you would have spent vacuuming and mopping the floors and be able to get more things done.

With a price tag of less than $300, this robot vacuum can clean up your space with no effort on your part. It’s perfect for students lives that are always in a hurry and need something simple to clean up with.

Embrace a clean home without much effort with a X500 Pro!

It is now possible to use the App to control the water tank, thanks to technology. The water tank output can be adjusted through the App. This Tesvor X500 Pro robot vacuum adopts an assortment of mopping plans adjusting to different environments and safeguards the floor, whilst ensuring the cleaning effect takes place seamlessly.

The gyroscope is important for the robot vacuum to maintain its orientation and momentum. The 3.0 Gyro Navigation technology here is an improvement over the 2.0 Gyro Navigation version because it provides more intelligent gyroscope navigation which has improved cleaning efficiency and cleaning coverage at the same time. The Gyro can be used in both carpet and hard floor cleaning modes. This allows the Tesvor X500 Pro robot vacuum to be more versatile and efficient.

How do you map out the cleaning area for this Tesvor X500 Pro robot vacuum? We’ve solved the problem by using a real-time smart mapping system. This system can map out the robot’s cleaning area remotely so that the robot vacuum can clean more efficiently and cover more ground with less battery life.

This Tesvor X500 Pro model has a unique OTA (over-the-air technology) which allows you to do quick updates without having to take the device back to the store or service centre. You can enjoy all of the latest features without any hassle.

This Tesvor X500 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is designed to make cleaning easy with a function that allows it to clean along the wall and get into the corners of the wall.

The magnetic strip can be used to set a virtual wall! What does that mean? Now you can stop the Tesvor X500 Pro robot from entering a space, containing the robot vacuum within a specific area to clean and freely plan the cleaning area according to your needs.

The S-shaped gyroscopic navigated cleaning is designed to clean the entire area in one go. The X500 Pro can clean over 90% of the area and get into any corners and right along the walls.

The multifunctional Tesvor X500 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution for people who are too busy to clean their homes. With a powerful battery that can last up to 120 minutes, it can clean all the rooms in your house and if not, it will pause to charge, and then resume cleaning.



Size 33 x 33 x 7.5 cm
Weight 3.0 kg
Color White
Navigation system Gyroscope Navigation
Suction 1800Pa
Dustion Capacity 600 ml
Water Tank Capacity 350 ml
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X500 Pro Robot Vacuum