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Waterproof Blanket


The Waterproof Blanket is wipeable, meaning that they do not have to be sent to laundry for cleaning.

Some patients like to have a rest on their bed during the day. This means the Carers need to put them in their bed and make the bed again when they get up. If they are incontinent there is a possibility that they might soil the bed sheets and then the whole bed needs to be stripped and the sheets replaced.

The advantage of the Waterproof Blanket is that the patient can sleep on top of their bed during the day. If it is placed on top of the bedspread the patient can sleep without soiling the bedspread. After the patient gets up again, the Waterproof Blanket can be wiped clean and taken off the bed.

Some men may lie on their back while in bed, and urinate upwards. If the blanket is placed over the patient, it will help keep the top sheet and blanket clean.

About the Waterproof Blanket

This product consists of a blanket, inside a soft, heat sealed, wipeable material. The weight of the Waterproof Blanket helps it to stay in place on the bed and minimizes creasing. A normal sheet of vinyl without the inner material may crease up under the patient and cause pressure sores.

Feedback from aged care staff reveals how good this product is. It saves them a lot of time during the day. It also cuts down on laundry costs and lost blankets.

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Waterproof Blanket