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Walking Frame iFRAME Height Adjustable

  • Aluminium frame
  • Adjustable height
  • Rubber non slip feet
  • Soft foam handles
  • Folds for easy storage

The iFrame walking frame is a versatile and user-friendly mobility aid designed to provide stability and support for individuals with limited mobility. Crafted with a lightweight yet durable aluminium frame, it offers a sturdy structure that is easy to maneuver. The adjustable height feature ensures that users can customize the frame’s height to their specific needs, promoting optimal comfort and posture alignment.

Equipped with rubber non-slip feet, the iFrame walking frame enhances safety by providing excellent traction and stability on various surfaces, reducing the risk of slips or falls. Additionally, the soft foam handles offer a comfortable and secure grip, minimizing strain on the hands and providing added convenience. The iFrame walking frame is an ideal solution for individuals seeking reliable support and improved mobility in their daily activities.







Blue, Brown Crystal

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Walking Frame iFRAME Height Adjustable