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Urine Bottle Holder


The Urine Bottle Holder is a soft elasticised Hook & Loop Tape strap.

To Fit

It is fitted around the patient’s waist at one end, and the other end is fitted around the neck of the bottle, passing through the handle. The elastic should just be tight enough to hold the bottle in place.

Two soft foam pads are provided. One can be used on top of the penis to help position it inside the neck of the bottle. The second wedge of foam is for use while the first wedge is washed and dried.

This product may not be suitable for over-active patients who deliberately move the urinal, however with a placid patient, it should prevent having to change the sheets frequently. The Urine Bottle Holder will replace using pillows, cushions etc. that can easily slip and be ineffective.

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Urine Bottle Holder