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Universal Clavicle Splint

Whether recovering from a clavicle injury, managing a fracture, or seeking preventive support, the Universal Clavicle Splint offers a reliable and adjustable solution. Trust in its construction, easy adjustment features, and universal sizing for a comfortable and effective clavicle support experience.






The Universal Clavicle Splint, is a versatile and user-friendly solution designed for optimal comfort and easy adjustment. Crafted with a combination of foam and nylon construction, this splint ensures a lightweight yet sturdy support system for the clavicle.



  1. Foam/Nylon Construction: The splint is constructed with a blend of foam and nylon, striking the perfect balance between durability and comfort. This unique combination provides reliable support for the clavicle while ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.
  2. Contact Closure for Easy Adjustment: Equipped with a convenient contact closure, the Universal Clavicle Splint offers effortless adjustment. This feature allows users to achieve a secure and personalized fit with minimal effort, ensuring maximum convenience.
  3. Movable D-Rings for Proper Adjustment: The splint features movable D-rings that facilitate precise adjustment according to individual needs. This customizable aspect ensures proper alignment and support for the clavicle, promoting effective healing.
  4. One Size Fits Most: Designed with versatility in mind, our Universal Clavicle Splint is crafted to fit a wide range of body sizes. The one-size-fits-most design simplifies the selection process, making it a convenient choice for healthcare professionals and users alike.
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Universal Clavicle Splint