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Transfer Commode Wheelchair | 100Kg Weight Capacity

This Transfer Commode Wheelchair is engineered to assist individuals in seamless transfers from wheelchairs to various locations, including sofas, beds, bathrooms, and more. Its wide-ranged folding design not only saves labor but also reduces the risk of over-straining, ensuring an effortless and efficient user experience.


The Transfer Commode Wheelchair, a ground-breaking mobility innovation crafted with a user-centric design to streamline daily activities and elevate the overall experience for individuals facing mobility challenges. Engineered with a strong emphasis on user-friendliness and safe operation by a single carer, this wheelchair redefines convenience and well-being with its array of prioritised features.


  • User-friendly design for safe single-operator use: Our system facilitates the seamless transfer of individuals from wheelchairs to various locations such as sofas, beds, bathrooms, and more, streamlining daily activities like washing and showering.
  • Efficient folding mechanism: The wide-ranging folding design not only conserves energy but also minimizes the risk of over-straining. This feature enhances the overall user experience by making the device easy to operate and store.
  • Versatile weight capacity: With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 100 kg, our system caters to a diverse range of users, ensuring its suitability for a broad spectrum of individuals with varying needs.
  • Adjustable height for personalized comfort: The adjustable height feature adds a layer of customization, allowing users to adapt the device to their specific requirements, promoting comfort and ease of use.
  • Safety-focused features: Equipped with silent and smooth wheels, a reliable wheel brake system, and double buckles, our system prioritizes safety during operation. These features collectively contribute to a secure and worry-free user experience.
  • Waterproof construction: The system is designed with waterproof elements, enhancing its durability and making it suitable for use in wet environments such as bathrooms, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Comfort-enhancing cushion: Featuring a soft cushion, our system provides extended comfort to users, minimizing pressure points and discomfort during use. This thoughtful addition promotes prolonged usage without compromising on well-being.


  • Overall measurements: 47cm width &70cm length
  • Overall Seat measurements: 46cm width, 47-67 cm height
  • Armrest height: 74-94 cm
  • Backrest height: 37cm
  • Rear wheel diameter: 3″
  • Front-wheel diameter 5.”
  • Loading capacity: 100kg
  • Packaging size: 72*58.5*33.5cm
  • N.W.:18kg
  • G.W.:23kg
  • Colour: Blue, Orange

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Blue, Orange

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Transfer Commode WheelchairTransfer Commode Wheelchair | 100Kg Weight Capacity
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