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Therapy Pool Floaties


The Therapy Pool Floaties are used to help patients when exercising in Therapy Pools under supervision of a qualified Physiotherapist.

At either end of the Floatie is a pocket, and polystyrene blocks are placed into the pockets to provide buoyancy for the patient. The amount of polystyrene can be adjusted according to the patient’s weight. An alternative to polystyrene is to use an empty cordial bottle. The amount of buoyancy can be altered by adding water to the empty bottle. The Floatie is easy to adjust to the patient’s size using the buckle fastening where the three buckles can be modified. In use, the patient can rest between the two pockets for support.

The Therapy Pool Floaties should be hosed down with fresh water to remove any pool chemicals.

Note: The flotation mechanism (e.g. polystyrene, inflatable floaties, bottle, etc.) is not supplied.


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Hook & Loop Tape, Buckle

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Therapy Pool Floaties