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Stand Up Alarm Spare Plugs


The Stand Up Alarm Spare Plugs are:

  • Nurse Call Mono Plug (Single Black Band)
  • Nurse Call Stereo Plug (Double Black Band)
  • Double Adapter
  • Y Connector

Spare Plugs are for use with the following Pelican Alarms:

Do I need a Mono or Stereo Plug?

Normally the number of black bands on your Nurse Call Alarm should be the same as on the facility’s current Nurse Call Button plug. If the Nurse Call Button plug has two black bands and the Alarm does not work, it may work with a Single Band Alarm plug.

Either of the plugs pictured above will go into a Double Adaptor, with the Nurse Call Button plugging into the other socket. If the Nurse Call Button is not being used, the Pelican Alarm can plug directly into the wall socket without using a Double Adaptor.

Why Supply Spare Plugs?

We supply these as a way of helping reduce our customers’ costs. By giving the option to purchase individual replacement parts, it may save customers having to buy an entire new Alarm.

Weight 0.05 kg

Mono Plug 1 Band, Stereo Plug 2 Bands, Double Adapter, Y Connector

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Stand Up Alarm Spare Plugs
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