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Slide & Turn Hoist Sheet


The Slide & Turn Hoist Sheet is a great way of getting a hoist to do the turning, rather than the Carer. This is especially beneficial with heavy Patients. This product is an alternative to the Slide & Turn Sheet.

Main Features

  • Remains under a sleeping Patient between turns
  • Use a trolley hoist or ceiling hoist to do the turning
  • Soft, breathable, slippery material
  • Strong tape reinforcing and webbing straps

4 Variations

  • Slide & Turn Hoist Sheet; Our standard design with webbing loop attachments. It is sewn in a cylinder so you effectively end up with one slippery sheet on top of another.
  • Slide & Turn Hoist Sheet with Keyhole Plates: As above, but with keyhole plate attachments for tilt frame hoists.
  • Slide & Turn Hoist Top Sheet: A budget option which is a single sheet only. We recommend using a standard Bed Slide Sheet underneath to get a nice slippery surface. This may not always be necessary depending on the weight of the Patient.
  • Slide & Turn Hoist Top Keyhole Sheet: As above, but with keyhole plate attachments for tilt frame hoists.

Pressure Care/Skin Integrity

The only adverse comments we have had about this product is regarding potential problems when leaving the Patient on the Hoist Sheet overnight. Please remember the original Slide & Turn Sheet has been used in this manner for several years. We have not had any comments about them affecting the Patient’s skin or any pressure problems. As it is now possible to use a hoist to turn the Patient, it will be even easier to turn larger Patients, minimising risks of manual handling injuries to the Carers.

Air regulated mattresses may have plastic sheets, urine absorbent pads and normal cotton sheets on top of the air mattress. These may reduce the benefits of the mattress, but they are still necessary for hygiene and skin integrity. If the Hoist Sheet is used there will be minimal touching of the Patient, compared to turning manually.

Some facilities deflate the air mattress when turning a Patient as this will make the turning easier. After turning, the mattress is inflated again.

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Weight 0.49 kg

Standard Continuous Loop Design, Top Sheet Only


Webbing Loop Attachments, Keyhole Plate Attachments

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Slide & Turn Hoist Sheet
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