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Sara Safety Strap


The Sara Safety Strap is used with Stand Up lifting Sling. This could be the Double Lifting Band (sold separately) design or the single band design that is used with a foot platform and knee block to stand the patients up to transfer.

The Safety Strap will help prevent the lifting band from riding up. It is used in case a patient should feel insecure during the transfer.

To Use

Undo one of the knots tied to the end of the rope and remove the plastic stop. Then slide the rope off the hoist. Place the loop on the Safety Strap over the Lifting Band. Replace the rope into the hoist and refit the plastic stopper.

The Safety Strap is attached to the Sling behind the patient’s back. This may be left in position when the hoist is not being used. When lifting, simply do up the soft wide belt section around the patient’s waist.

When testing this product with an able bodied person the Sara Safety Strap provided enough support to stop them falling from the Sling. However, we cannot guarantee if it will be suitable for every patient. There may be an individual who could fall in an unusual manner, which could make the Sara Safety Strap less effective.

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Sara Safety Strap