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Rebotec Phoenix Multi Tilt-in-Place and Electric Lift Commode

Rebotec Phoenix Multi – Elevate and tilt with our power commode chair, promoting dignity and enhancing care staff health and safety. Crafted in Germany, it features swing-open armrests for seamless side transfers, a cushioned seat with hygiene opening, and a tilt range of 90-130 degrees for optimal wash and hoist transfer positions. Lift to eye level to prevent back injuries and improve overall dignity.






Rebotec Phoenix Multi – featuring tilt & lift power, adjustable cushioned headrest, commode chair tilt adjustment, and swing armrest for effortless side transfer. Certified and equipped with all-brake enhanced 125mm swiveling castors, supporting up to 150 kg body weight

In its standard configuration, the Rebotec Phoenix Multi comes equipped with a seat featuring a hygiene opening, a bucket and bucket device, along with a charging station featuring a second backup battery. This chair holds a certification of class IP56, ensuring protection against limited dust ingress and high-pressure water jets from any direction.

Phoenix innovation: the combination of tilting and reclining to almost supine is unique in the world. Competing products just tilt the patient, but the patient stays in a sitting position (90 degrees). Phoenix tilts the patient 90 to 130 degrees. This allows for better access for washing the patient and easier transfer with a hoist (semi-supine position for hoist).

Additionally, a lift chair allows for dignified showering at eye level (dignity, not looking down). Looks after care staff’s health and safety (20% of all staff in nursing take time off due to back problems. Improved carer ability to look after patient without strain.


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Rebotec Phoenix Multi Tilt-in-Place and Electric Lift Commode