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RAP Thoracotomy Splint


The RAP Thoracotomy Splint is a very simple to use Splint normally used in operating theatres or hospital wards. It is used to position patients in various angles on their sides or back.

The RAP Splint is placed around the patient’s limbs and is made from welded Mediflex – a vinyl specially designed for medical use, resistant to bacteria and easily wiped clean.

To Use

To position patients on their side, place the RAP Thoracotomy Splint on the operating table, and have the patient lie on top of the Splint. A drape can be placed over the Splint if necessary. Move the beans that are inside the bag around the patient to form a supporting mould. Connect a suction tube to the Splint. As the air is expelled, make sure the beans are holding the patient in the correct position.

We recommend that the suction is kept connected during an operation to ensure the Splint is kept firm. For short periods, the suction can be removed, provided the plug is inserted to prevent air going back into the Splint.

Monitor the Splint in case it starts to lose its rigidity, and if necessary reconnect to a suction tube.

The Splint will mould to many different positions. With practice, the Splint can be used on the trunk, arms, legs, or head.


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RAP Thoracotomy Splint