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Raised Planter Bed – 3 metres long

Are you considering embarking on your own gardening journey, particularly if you’re a senior looking for a rewarding and beneficial pastime? Growing your own greens, such as carrots, radishes, lettuce, spinach, onions, tomatoes, or strawberries, can offer numerous advantages for seniors, and our Galvanized Raised Garden Bed is here to make this experience exceptionally fulfilling. Crafted from high-quality SGCC steel and coated with epoxy powder, this raised garden bed not only provides a stable and safe gardening platform but also offers an array of benefits tailored for seniors.

First and foremost, this garden bed exhibits a remarkable resistance to the chemicals typically used in planting, ensuring that your gardening activities remain environmentally friendly and health-conscious. Furthermore, its robust construction guarantees that it remains completely rustproof, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance or replacements.

For seniors, the ease of assembly is a significant advantage, as it minimizes physical strain and simplifies the gardening process. The 0.8mm thickness of the steel adds extra stability, making it an ideal choice for seniors who may require additional support. The round edges of the garden bed ensure that it’s not only durable but also safe to work with, reducing the risk of accidental injuries.

No matter the weather conditions, this raised garden bed can withstand it all, ensuring that seniors can enjoy gardening year-round. Simply set it up, add the soil, and then plant your seeds or saplings. In no time, you’ll have your very own thriving fruit and vegetable patch right at your fingertips.

For those seniors who are particularly passionate about gardening, acquiring multiple sets can turn you into a happy home farmer, poised to reap a bountiful harvest with ease and satisfaction. Gardening in raised beds not only provides an enjoyable and fulfilling activity but also promotes a sense of accomplishment and self-sufficiency, which can be especially beneficial for seniors seeking to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle


Availability: 198 in stock

Quality galvanized steel
0.8mm thickness for extra stability
Anti-rust and durable
Rounded safety edges
Perfect for flowers, vegetable and herbs

Material: Galvanised SGCC Steel
Height: 77cm
Overall dimensions: 320 x 80 x 77cm
Colour: Aluminium grey

Weight 7.9 kg
Dimensions 103 × 30 × 7 cm
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Raised Planter Bed – 3 metres long

Availability: 198 in stock