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Positioning Sleeves


The Positioning Sleeves are slippery material gloves which can be used when the Carer is required to place their hands on a Patient. The reasons for wearing the Sleeves may include:

  • To help protect Patient’s skin integrity
  • To help slide under someone’s bottom when repositioning or testing cushions
  • To help protect from infections

They are made from a slippery, breathable material, which is used for Bed Slide Sheets. They are comfortable for the Carer and will not feel sweaty.

If the patient has soiled their bed or chair the Carer can wear disposable gloves underneath to help protect themselves from infection, and then wear the Sleeves over the gloves.

To help with infection control, we suggest the Positioning Sleeves are kept in the Patient’s room so they are only used on the one Patient.

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Positioning Sleeves