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Normatec Go Lower Leg System

Experience fresh legs on-the-go with Normatec Go Lower Leg. Portable and powered by cutting-edge technology, it delivers dynamic air compression to enhance circulation, reduce pain, and rejuvenate tired muscles. Normatec Go is made specifically for the calf muscles to flush out and rejuvenate your entire lower body. The calf muscle is often considered the second heart as it plays an important role within the circulatory system of the body. Targeted dynamic air compression massage on the calves is scientifically proven to significantly reduce inflammation and pain and increase circulation throughout your entire lower body.








Experience the power of Normatec anywhere with our fully portable Normatec Go Lower Leg system. TSA-approved and hassle-free, these lightweight wearables feature intuitive controls for on-the-go relief. Enjoy dynamic air compression wherever you are, whether at your desk or in the comfort of your home.


  • Targeted Compression for Your Calves: Normatec Go is tailored for calf muscles, effectively rejuvenating your entire lower body. Scientifically proven dynamic air compression massage significantly reduces inflammation and pain while boosting circulation throughout your lower body.
  • Revolutionary Design and Technology: Featuring HyperSync™ technology, Normatec Go synchronizes wearables for a symmetrical massage. With three zones of 360-degree compression, Bluetooth®-enabled controls via the Hyperice App, and seven levels of customizable compression, it stands as the most innovative mobile dynamic air compression system available.
  • Science-Backed Recovery: Developed by a MD, PhD, and crafted with insights from elite athletes and sports medicine professionals, Normatec ensures science-backed recovery solutions.
  • Conquer Sore Muscles: Normatec provides a superior massage experience proven to aid lymphatic drainage, diminish pain, and alleviate soreness, allowing you to conquer post-workout discomfort.
  • Give Your Body a Boost: Normatec’s compression therapy enhances circulation, preserves full range of motion, and leaves you feeling refreshed and flexible after every use.


  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Battery Life: Up to 3 hours
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 12 x 1 in
  • Compression Levels: 7 levels
  • TSA Approved: Approved by TSA for carry-on
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity: The Normatec Go Lower Leg  System Connects via Bluetooth® to the Hyperice App, allowing synchronization of multiple devices at once.
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Normatec Go Lower Leg System