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Medical Alert Watch

The watch is designed for the elderly or others who are at risk of falling or other emergencies and require immediate help.

It is extremely light weight and comfortable, with a very smart and discreet design. It looks just like a normal smart watch.

The main features are an SOS buttonfall detectionGPS location and measures heart rate and blood pressure.

The watch comes with a free app for anyone wishing to track the location and health information of the watch wearer.

The watch requires a Telstra sim card. Mobile credit is purchased from Telstra. The cost of credit is $35 per 6 months on Telstra’s ‘Casual’ pre-paid plan.




  • SOS Button

If the user presses the SOS button on the watch, it will activate a voice call as well as sending an SOS text to up to 3 emergency contacts. The wearer then can talk into the device on speaker mode.

  • GPS Location

It sends a precision Google Maps link in the SOS text message. The device can also be precisely located at any time in the app.

  • Fall Detection

This device has a state of the art fall detection alert feature that will sense a fall and notify the contacts. The different level of sensitivities can be chosen on the app.

  • Health tracking

The wearer’s heart rate, blood pressure and number of steps taken can all be tracked via the app or by the wearer on the watch.

  • Fully Mobile

Works anywhere there is a mobile phone signal; at home or at the shops etc. It protects the user wherever they are.

  • Magnetic charger

An easy to use magnetic charging cable makes charging the device verye asy for users with poor eyesight and difficulty plugging in cables. The magnetic charger simply clicks on to the magnetic attachment on the back of the watch.

  • Water Proof

Waterproof & Dust Tight (IP67 rating). It can be worn in the shower or in the rain.

  • Calling/texting

The watch can make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages.



Dimensions 44mm x 15mm x 237mm (including the watch band)
Weight 55g
Battery life 3-7 days (depending on use)
Time to recharge battery 3 hours
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Medical Alert Watch