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Let’s Fly Mobility Rollator Wheelie Walker with Bag- White

Let’s Fly is one of the leading rollators in the world today in terms of design and functionality.

Let’s Fly – first class.

Let’s Fly is one of the most distinguished walkers in the world today when it comes to design and function. At one of the largest aid-related exhibitions in Germany, it was selected as the most beautifully designed product at the exhibition. This Outdoor rollator is made out of solid cast aluminium and can be associated with the most extreme designed products in the world. It is both lightweight and sturdy.

What is the Trustcare Let’s Fly Rollator?

The Trustcare Lets Fly Rollator is a new design in a mobility aid, combining a contemporary model with functionality, while manufactured with the highest standards. This deluxe walker is light and practical both in use and when folded.

It is an eye-catching folding rollator with a seat, chosen as an award-winning product at a trade fair for mobility aids in Germany. The Let’s Fly will help give you a higher degree of independence and a smooth user experience!

The Lets Fly has a sturdy design:

The modern frame is moulded entirely from one single piece of aluminium without joints, seams or welds, giving it a unique shape and added strength. It is an ideal rollator for seniors or those with limited mobility.

Lightweight rollator with suspension wheels:

The outdoor walker of Trustcare is the first rollator in the world that has a built-in rubber suspension that dampens the shocks when you walk on rough surfaces, even in the forest or on the beach. This gives it a smooth movement, compensating for stiff joints. The big front and rear wheels make it very easy to get over kerbs and other obstacles.

Don’t worry about your clothes: this rollator is equipped with mudguards that protect you from splashing dirt. The wheels can be easily locked for safety whenever necessary to prevent accidents.


Let’s Fly has been chosen as the best rollator walker with a seat:

The Lets Fly Rollator has been chosen as one of the best rollator walkers with seats thanks to its maneuverability, functionality, design and ergonomics. The soft, comfortable height-adjustable rubber handles provide a firm grip and fit different body lengths. The height can be adjusted from 82 cm to 91 cm with a simple snap-lock that locks it in the desired position. The handles will keep you steady, whilst reducing the risk of pressure on your hands or arms.

The Lets Fly Rollator has an easy to manage brake system which can be locked and adjusted with a screw to suit your needs.

The synthetic leather is comfortable and soft to sit on, while at the same time durable and water-repellent.

Is the rollator foldable?

Cross folding makes folding very easy and takes little space (just 20 cm wide). It can stand by itself when it is folded. The collapsible and lightweight walker makes it very convenient to carry. It weighs only 6.9 kg.


What is included in the Lets Fly Rollator Trustcare package?

Included is a specifically designed bag that can be conveniently attached with 2 brackets to the rollator (under the seat). It doubles up as a normal bag with carrying handles, great for your daily shopping. The bag folds together with the walker. Ideal for storing your personal belongings.

The brown backrest band provides extra support for a greater feeling of security when sitting on the rollator. It is fixed to the handles. The Lets Fly Rollator is delivered assembled in cardboard and ready to use. The Swedish manufacturer Trustcare is a leading company in the innovation of mobility aids.


Summarised features of the rollator:

  • Sleek rollator walker
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Moulded from aluminium
  • Large wheels for stability
  • Rear wheels have spring suspension for comfort
  • Runs smoothly and softly over the majority of terrain types
  • Available in 2 stylish colours: red and white
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Height adjustable handles
  • Comes with a seat, bag and backrest




Availability: 8 in stock

  • Weight: 7kg
  • Weight Capacity: 136kg
  • Open Dimension: 78.75cm H x 91.45cm W x 66cm D
  • Collapsed Dimension: 78.75cm H x 20.32cm W x 66cm D
  • Height Adjustment: 78.75cm – 91.45cm
  • Seat Dimensions: 40.65cm x 16.50cm
  • Seat Height: 60cm
  • Wheels: 24.4cm front and 20.30 rear
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Let’s Fly Mobility Rollator Wheelie Walker with Bag- White

Availability: 8 in stock