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Leg Lifting Hygiene Slings

The Leg Lifting Hygiene Slings are made to lift the Patient’s legs and hips off a mattress when changing incontinence/diaper pads.


The Leg Lifting Hygiene Slings are made to lift the Patient’s legs and hips off a mattress when changing incontinence/diaper pads.

It is 100% Heat Sealed for infection control.

Two versions are available:

  • Webbing Loops for metal hook hoists
  • Keyhole Plates for tilt frame hoists

About the Leg Lifting Hygiene Slings

These Slings have a soft, breathable cover with an internal foam for added comfort. The cover is Heat Sealed, so the Slings can be wiped clean after use.

When testing these Slings with different able-bodied people, there was no reported discomfort, but perhaps some infirm people may not be able to use them.

This product is sold as a pair.

To Use

With the Patient laying on their back in bed, gently raise their knees to slide one Sling under each leg. Ensure the legs are centered, so when they are lifted, each leg will be in the middle of the Sling. The Slings should be positioned just under the knee and upper leg.

Position the hoist Hanger Bar over the Patient’s stomach and not above their knees, so when lifted, the legs will travel slightly towards the Patient’s head. Ensure both the bed and the Hoist brakes are on. When raising the hoist, make sure the Patient is comfortable and not experiencing any pain. It should be possible to raise the Patient’s legs and their bottom high enough off the mattress to slide some protective sheeting underneath them.

If the Patient is wearing pyjama pants, these can be pulled down to the thigh, just next to the Slings. Then their current pad can be removed. The Patient can be washed, cleaned, and dried, before dressing with a clean pad. They can then be lowered back onto the mattress so that the Carer can do up the side tapes of the pad. Once the pad is secured, the legs are lifted again. The pyjamas can be pulled back up over the pad. It may be possible to do up a pad while the Patient’s legs are still raised in the air to avoid a second lift, however be mindful about doing this as the pad may not be a good fit after the Patient is lowered.

Once the legs have been lowered back onto the mattress, the Slings are carefully removed from under the knees. Any part of the pad that is exposed can be tucked into the pants. This is for Patient dignity.

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Webbing Loops, Keyhole Plates

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Leg Lifting Hygiene Slings
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