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Leg Abductor – Groin to Knee


The Leg Abductor – Groin to Knee is a small hard foam wedge that can help when a patient is contracted with their legs bent.

It is small enough to fit between the upper legs between the groin and the knees. Two straps are sewn onto both sides of the Abductor to keep it in position and prevent it from slipping. After fitting, the long straps can be cut shorter where the cross stitching is.

We use a water-resistant nylon cover, as it is less likely to cause sweating than a vinyl cover. Before fitting the cover, we place the foam in a polythene bag to give it added protection. The cover has soft cotton webbing with Hook & Loop Tape fasteners to secure the legs to the Abductor. For some patients who have very delicate skin, put some combine padding around the legs to protect them. Monitor the patient’s skin for pressure sores, particularly around the inside of the knees.

Some patients may get cramps if they sit for long periods and cannot move their legs. Refer to their care plan regarding ambulation. It may also be advisable to use a Pelican Chair Belt (sold separately) to remind the patient not to stand up when the abductor is in use.

This product is smaller than our Leg Abductor – Foot to Knee (sold separately), which is made to be placed between the knees and ankles to help with contracted legs, post-hip replacement, while either sitting in a chair or lying in a bed.

General Public Restraint Authorisation Letter: If this product is purchased for use in a private home, we require authorisation from a suitable person. This is to ensure it will be used correctly and safely by the family and/or carers, and that using it will not be dangerous. Examples of a suitable person who is able to sign the letter are: Occupational Therapist; Physiotherapist; Clinical Nurse Manager; Registered Nurse; Doctor; or another suitably qualified person. Click here to print the letter template, and please return a copy to us when ordering. Note: This letter is not required when we send restraints to aged care facilities or hospitals, because their staff are already trained in their safe use.

Note: We are unable to sell this product to the USA.

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Leg Abductor – Groin to Knee