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Anti Decubitus Medical Turning Over Air Mattress for Elderly-iTurnMattress

Experience superior pressure relief with the ITurnMattress – Turning Over Air Mattress. This innovative system excels in delivering outstanding pressure reduction through its continuous movement feature. Crafted as an alternating system, it utilizes resilient shaped air tubes and a precision-engineered control unit to achieve a therapeutic massage effect. This design promotes optimal blood circulation within body tissues, effectively addressing and alleviating bed pressure sores. Ideal for patients undergoing long-term medical treatment or dealing with immobility, the mattress is a reliable solution for enhanced comfort and care.





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The mattress is equipped with heavy-duty bubble-style pads that undergo uniform heat-sealing, ensuring extended durability. This thoughtful construction not only enhances the overall longevity of the mattress but also guarantees a resilient and consistent performance. With the ITurnMattress, prioritize the well-being of patients by providing a supportive and therapeutic sleep surface designed to address the challenges associated with extended medical care and immobility.




Foldable: Enhancing storage convenience.

Material: Constructed with high-quality plastic for durability.

Colour: Aesthetic white and blue design.

Usage: Specifically designed for anti-bedsore functionality.

Shape: Tubular mattress design for ergonomic support.

Safe Working Load: Supports up to 150 kg.

Size: Dimensions of 2008011.5cm.

Net Weight: Lightweight at 8.5kg for easy maneuverability.

Automatic Alternating and Turning: Seamlessly transitions between automatic alternating modes and turning functions for optimal patient care.

Static and Elevation of Head and Foot End: Provides static positioning and allows for adjustable elevation at both the head and foot ends.

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Anti Decubitus Medical Turning Over Air Mattress for Elderly-iTurnMattress

Availability: 1 in stock