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Aluminium Rolling Ramp | 916mm Wide | 500Kg Weight Capacity

The Aluminium Rolling Ramp is foldable for effortless storage and can serve as temporary, permanent, or semi-permanent ramps in homes, offices, and markets. With a remarkable weight capacity of 500 Kg, they provide reliable support and can be easily extended or compressed using nut bolts to fit different height requirements.





A versatile solution for seamless accessibility. With a generous width of 916mm and a robust weight capacity of 500kg, this ramp ensures reliable support for various mobility needs. Crafted from durable aluminium, it offers both strength and portability. The wide design accommodates different equipment, including wheelchairs and scooters, enhancing ease of use. Whether for personal or commercial use, this ramp is designed to provide a secure and convenient access solution. Upgrade your mobility experience with the Aluminium Rolling Ramp – where strength meets versatility.



  • Permanent or Temporary Installation: The LY-36 is adaptable, catering to both permanent and temporary installation needs, providing you with the flexibility to choose the usage duration.
  • Weight Capacity: Boasting strength, the LY-36 D ramps can efficiently support up to 500 Kg (Flat 200cm), ensuring robust and reliable use.
  • Slip-Resistant Surface: Safety is paramount – our ramps feature an anti-slip serrated surface, providing secure footing during use.
  • Ease of Setup and Takedown: Enjoy hassle-free use with the ramp’s easy setup and dismantling features, offering convenience for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Vehicle Accessibility: Need access for vehicles like vans and buses? The ramp is designed to facilitate safe and convenient access.
  • Adjustability: Tailor the ramp to your specific requirements – it’s adjustable in size, accommodating different length needs for varying heights.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Maintenance is a breeze – the ramp is designed for easy cleaning, ensuring hygiene and longevity.
  • Suitable for Commercial Use: Versatile for personal or commercial use, ensure adherence to weight capacity and safety guidelines for optimal performance. Elevate accessibility with the LY-36 D Series Aluminium Rolling Ramp.


Explore enhanced mobility with our Aluminium Rolling Ramp. Crafted for strength and portability, this ramp ensures reliable support for various mobility needs, accommodating wheelchairs and scooters effortlessly. For a wider selection of mobility equipment, visit MobiAssist. Elevate your accessibility with MobiAssist – where quality meets convenience.


90cm Ramp, 120cm Ramp, 150cm Ramp, 180cm Ramp, 210cm Ramp, 240cm Ramp, 185cm Side Rail Only, 170cm Side Rail Only, 155cm Side Rail Only, Supporting Legs

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Aluminium Rolling RampAluminium Rolling Ramp | 916mm Wide | 500Kg Weight Capacity
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