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Handi Weigh Height Block


When the Handi-Weigh Ramp (sold separately) was first introduced, most of the scales available for sale were the spring scales that had been sold for many years. Digital bathroom scales were just starting to appear in shops and were very expensive, and they were not suitable for the Handi-Weigh Ramp.

Since then digital scales have improved a lot and become a lot more affordable to buy. Some of the modern electronic, digital bathroom scales are very thin. They should now be suitable for the Handi-Weigh Ramp, but as the Handi-Weigh Ramp is made from strong steel, the digital scales are not thick enough for the Handi-Weigh Ramp to rest on them. To compensate for this, we have introduced this Handi-Weigh Height Block. This is made from a light-weight but strong plastic and is cut to the size of most bathroom scales. It is important the scales have non-slip pads under them so they do not slip on the Block.

To Use

Place the Handi-Weigh Height Block on the floor and carefully place the scales on top of it. Then place the Handi-Weigh Ramp on top of the scales. The scales will then show the weight of the actual Handi-Weigh Ramp. Then wheel the empty wheelchair onto the Handi-Weigh Ramp. The scales will then show the total weight of the Handi-Weigh Ramp and the wheelchair. Make a note of this weight and remove the wheelchair from the Handi-Weigh Ramp.

Then when the patient is sitting in the wheelchair push them up onto the Handi-Weigh Ramp. The wheelchair should be tilted up so the front wheels do not push the Handi-Weigh Ramp off the Block. When the front wheels are over the two side channels of the Handi-Weigh Ramp, then the front wheels can be lowered down and continue to push the wheelchair up the slope and onto the Handi-Weigh Ramp, stopping when the front wheels are touching the small bars on the side channels.

The Carer should then be able to read the weight by looking under the wheelchair from behind. They can then reverse or push the patient forward off the Handi-Weigh Ramp. Remember the accuracy will depend on the scales, and the scales may need to be reset if the weight is not stable, so if the scales show a blank screen, stop and recommence. Remember to deduct the weight of the Handi-Weigh Ramp and the empty wheelchair.

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Handi Weigh Height Block