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Electric Wheelchair with standing Function and additional hoist – The Ultimate

With a robust weight capacity of 100 kg, this versatile wheelchair seamlessly transitions between sitting and standing positions, providing flexibility for various needs.

Equipped with the latest Innovative Technology, the easy conversion process ensures a user-friendly experience. The joystick-powered control adds a convenient touch, offering smooth maneuverability. Whether you’re at home or in a rehabilitation setting, this wheelchair doubles as a rehab treadmill, enhancing the overall therapeutic experience.

trust that our product complies with Australian standards, ensuring reliability and peace of mind. Embrace comfort, functionality, and innovation with our Ultimate Standing Wheelchair.





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Specifications for the Electric Wheelchair with Standing Function:

  • Internal width from inside the armrest to the inside of  the other armrest: 450 cm
  • Overall width: 690 mm (69 cm)
  • Overall length: 1100mm (110 cm)
  • Maximum height: 2020mm (202 cm)
  • Back wheels: 10 inches
  • Front wheels: 7 inches
  • Floor to the top base seat: 50 cm
  • Floor-to-seat cushion top: 56 cm
  • Seat cushion: 40 cm * 40 cm
  • Total weight: 32Kg
  • Battery: 15.4 Ah
  • Motor Rated Voltage: 24V Rated power 250W×2
  • Obstacle clearance height: ≥40 mm (The obstacle crossing surface is inclined, and the obtuse angle is ≥140°)
  • Weight capacity: 100 Kg
  • Padded support sling
  • Transferable Joystick between right and left sides
  • Manual and electrical function: By pressing three times the up-arrow button on the joystick.
  • Range: 20 Km
  • Speed: 0-6 km/h
Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 103 × 78 × 94 cm
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Electric Wheelchair with standing Function and additional hoist – The Ultimate

Availability: 2 in stock