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Electric Neck Massager

Our Electric Neck Massager goes beyond conventional methods with dynamic neck traction. This feature gently stretches and decompresses your neck, promoting proper alignment and relieving pressure. Enjoy the benefits of improved posture and reduced neck discomfort. Elevate your relaxation routine with the advanced features of our Electric Neck Massager. Imbued with a silent design, airbag overcharge protection, low-frequency impulse, heating therapy, and dynamic neck traction, it offers a comprehensive solution for neck relief that caters to your well-being. Invest in the ultimate neck relaxation experience today.






  1. Dynamic Neck Traction: Based on a microcomputer chip control system, we combine Fixed point reciprocating traction and Intelligent air pressure traction systems to release pressure from the bone gap and relieve muscle fatigue. Our neck massager achieves three different continuous round-trip lifting. The whole massager can drive stiff neck bones up to 10cm. We have three rhythmic automatic modes, namely the comfortable relaxation mode, the enhanced push-pull mode, and the active bone-and-bone mode, which can meet the requirements of different users.
  2. Heating Therapy: Through warm and hot compress, our neck massager can relieve muscle stiffness, make muscles relaxed and comfortable, and relieve soreness and fatigue. Intelligent constant temperature can accelerate blood flow and remove cold and wetness in your neck. Increase heating while traction and the effect will be better.
  3. Low-Frequency Impulse: Using electric pulse technology, deep into the skin 3-5 cm, directly hit the pain point, regulate the nervous system, 12-speed low-frequency massage intensity.


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Electric Neck Massager