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Chair Transfer Slip In Lifter


The Chair Transfer Slip In Lifter is made from strong synthetic material. It slides easily underneath the patient when they are sitting down. Webbing is used to make the lifting handles.

To Use

Hold the webbing handles either side of the material and ask the patient to lean forward. Standing beside the patient, the Carer holds the webbing handles close to the material. They then slide it underneath the patient’s buttocks. Once it is partially in, if possible, get the patient to lean even further forward and at the same time, try to get the leading edge as far forward as you can under their buttocks. Then ask the patient to sit up again. The Carer then moves to the front of the patient and if necessary, the Carer can slide the Slip In Lifter even further forward again, pulling one side at a time.

When transferring, a Carer on their own would stand in front of the patient. The Carer crouches down positioning the patient’s legs between the Carer’s legs, asking the patient to lean forward. Once they have leaned forward, then by pulling on the handles, the patient should be pulled forward to the front of the chair. This can be done by pulling one handle at a time so the patient is slowly moved forward.

When the patient is forward, ask them to lean even closer to the Carer. The Carer then stands up holding the Chair Pad handles close to their body, lifting from the legs; only use the arms to hold the patient close to the Carer. When standing up, Carers are using their stronger leg muscles to do the transfer with a straight back. This is as opposed to their smaller arm muscles and bending over. If necessary, by keeping the pad in position, the patient can be turned around for transferring into another chair, bed, or even into a car.

The Chair Transfer Slip In Lifter could be particularly helpful for getting in and out of cars as the patient could be put in sideways and then turned around to the front once sitting on the car seat.

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Chair Transfer Slip In Lifter