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Body Positioning Wedges


The Body Positioning Wedges are used to help position Patients in bed to help keep them symmetrical. The firm foam Wedges have two curved sides with a layer of soft ventilated foam around the outside, and a layer of Thermoregulating Material to help maintain body temperature. The cover is a waterproof, breathable material. Please see the sizing table under the Technical tab.

About the Body Positioning Wedges

Sleep System Positioning SheetUnder the base of the Wedges is some Hook Tape that will attach to Pelican’s Sleep System Positioning Sheet. For extra padding or more Thermoregulating, the Wedges can be used with a Vented Overlay Pad. This Pad goes under the Patient and can make it easier to turn them to assist placing the Wedges.

Compatible or Alternative Products

This product is just one of many ‘sleep system’ products used for bed positioning support. The full range consists of:​​


Photo Description Details
mattress strap Mattress Strap A 10cm / 4″ wide Loop tape strap that secures around the mattress
sleep system Sleep System Positioning Sheet A receptor sheet that various Bed Wedges, Brackets, Cuffs, etc. with Hook Tape can attach to
g-cuff G-Cuffs Well padded, medium density foam with Hook & Loop Tape
e wedge E-Wedge & Cuffs E shaped Wedge with Mattress Strap, and Loop Tape sections under the legs for attaching Comfort Cuffs
knee comfort wedge Knee Comfort Wedge & Cuffs Comfortable under-knee wedge with Loop Tape for attaching Comfort Cuffs
Body Bracket Body Bracket Padded and wipeable material with a plastic bracket
Body Bracket - Thermoregulating Body Bracket – Thermoregulating Same as the Body Bracket, but with Thermoregulating material
vented overlay pad Vented Overlay Pad A thick, breathable, padded foam pad to help air circulation around the body
bed wedge velcro Various Bed Wedges All of our Bed Wedges are available with Hook Tape


To Use

Consult your Therapist before using, as they may change our instructions for individual patients. The Body Positioning Wedges can be used in two ways:

  • Patient lying on their back – Using the two Wedges, slightly tilt the patient and place the smaller curved edge next to the patient’s chest under the arm, and then slightly tilt the patient’s hip to place the other Wedge next to their hip. Then place two Wedges on the other side, next to the chest under the shoulder, and next to their hip, again after slightly tilting the patient, so they will have the Wedges firmly next to them.
  • Patient sleeping on their side at 30 degrees – Turn the Wedges around and use the longer curved side. Tilt the patient slightly and place one Wedge behind their back, then allow them to lean back next to the Wedge. Some patients may benefit by having a second Wedge next to their hip. Some patients may need a third Wedge in front of their stomach to stop them rolling forward.
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Body Positioning Wedges
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