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Bed Slide Sheet – Single Patient Use (Disp) (10 Pack)


Each Disposable Bed Slide Sheet is made from the same strong material that our Royal Blue Slide Sheets are made from. To reduce the cost of each Disposable Bed Slide Sheet we have not cut off the selvage on both sides. The selvage (US English) or selvedge (British English) is the term for the self-finished edges of fabric made when the material is constructed. The selvage keeps the fabric from unravelling or fraying, but looks unfinished with the loose fibres exposed.

To Use

Simply fold the sheet in half and roll it under a patient, similar to fitting a draw sheet. When moving the patient, gather up the loose end of the top part of the sheet. Then use your body weight to pull this to turn the patient (do not use excessive movements with your arms). Kylie sheets can be changed using the Bed Slide Sheet. When folded in half or using two sheets, patients can be re-positioned in beds or in chairs. The Carers use their own body weight to move patients, not just relying on the Carer’s muscle power. Practice with work colleagues to become proficient before using with patients.

These Single Patient Use Disposable Sheets should be used with only one patient. They can be washed and reused with the same patient and then disposed of in accordance with your facility’s guidelines. Before using make sure the material has not been weakened by over use or washing.

This low cost item is complementary to our Bed Roller Sheet and the Slide & Turn Sheet that are left permanently underneath the patient, to make the turning or moving up the bed, easier for the Carer with less disturbance to the patient as they eliminate log rolling. The Slide & Turn Hoist Sheet is also available which uses a hoist to do the turning.

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1m x 1.5m, 40" x 60", 2m x 1.5m, 79" x 60"

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Bed Slide Sheet – Single Patient Use (Disp) (10 Pack)
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