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Bed Rail Protector – Slip Over


You can use the Bed Rail Protectors on beds for confused patients. They attach to the inside of the rails.

Some Patients may be at risk of bed rail entrapment, or hurting themselves by hitting or getting arms, legs, head, etc. stuck in the rails. The foam offers some protection if the patients lashes out.

If the Patient’s arm or leg goes over the top of the rail, the top of the Protector will fold over giving protection. This is an important safety feature.

This item may also be of interest if you are wondering how to stop Patients falling out of bed.


The product is a piece of foam with a cover. The material next to the person is a soft medical-grade vinyl material. It is used to help with protection against urine, faeces, vomit, blood, etc. Staff can wipe it clean for hygiene. The material print may change depending on availability. We do try to keep the print as unisex as possible. The outside is made of poly-cotton material and has two Hook & Loop Tape straps to keep it in place.

The Protector is higher than the actual top rail, to give some padding to the Patient if they put their arms or legs over the bed rail. Please see this demonstrated in the video.

The foam is 1.5cm / 0.96″ thick, which is thin enough for the bottom part of the Bed Rail Protector to be tucked down below the mattress. This helps prevent Patients from putting their feet under the Bed Rail Protector and getting caught in the bed rail.

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Bed Rail Protector – Slip Over