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Bed Armchair


The Bed Armchair has been designed to help prevent Patients slipping sideways when sitting up in bed.

It is made in four individual sections. It is easy to put together, or pulled apart from behind a Patient sitting up in bed.

The arm rests are adjustable and can be pulled forward to a different position to rest the Patient’s hands. The pelvic/lumbar support is used under the Patient to support their back when sitting in a reclined position.

Three different grades of foam have been used to create the Bed Armchair. For the back rest, a medium density grade of foam has been glued together with a slow recovery foam. This gives a firm but soft back support and help prevent sideways slip. The pelvic/lumbar support is also made from a medium density grade foam, with a layer of slow recovery foam. This is for added Patient comfort and to prevent the spine from bending. The arm rests are made from a firm grade of foam to give good support and be strong enough for the Patient to lean on, or reposition themselves without collapsing.

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Weight 2.8 kg
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Bed Armchair