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Anti Slide Mattress Sticks


The Anti-Slide Mattress Sticks can be used to help prevent a mattress from slipping on a bed base. Some modern hospital bed manufacturers do not provide any way of stopping the mattress from sliding when patients sit on the side of the bed. The mattress can also slide, and be a problem when turning patients.

To Use

Lift up the side of the mattress and place one Stick on each side of the bed base near the outside edge. This is where you would sit on the edge of the bed when getting in or out. Once some weight is on the bed, the Sticks should help prevent the mattress slipping. If the head and foot end of the mattress still slides to the side, place another two Sticks at both ends of the bed base.

The Anti Slide Mattress Sticks can be very helpful when a ResQsheet (sold separately) is under the mattress. Te ResQsheets are designed to slide the patients to safety on the floor, and have a slippy material underneath. When making the bed, the sheets and blankets should be tucked in on top of the Anti-Slide Mattress Sticks. In an evacuation, they can remain in place on the bed base without impeding the speed of the evacuation.

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Anti Slide Mattress Sticks